Academic coaching offers insight and change opportunities in learning.

Academic coaching helps students improve their sense of motivation, goal setting, reward and perseverance. We fight procrastination and boredom, replacing it with engagement and success.

At The Vowel House we help students move from using strategies to being strategic. What’s the difference? A strategy is given to a student to address a single shortcoming: If you’re having trouble understanding what you read, try making notes in the margin. Being strategic means more. What kind of reading is it? Why might it be challenging? Making notes in the margin is enough sometimes but not all the time. So when should we make notes in the margin?

Coaching students to become strategic means we work with the whole network of thinking processes involved in learning:

  • course content (arts, science, math)
  • cognitive structuring
  • metacognition (thinking about my own thinking)
  • goal setting
  • motivation
  • attention
  • executive functions
  • comprehension

*Coaching sessions are completed in sets of 6 or 12, depending on the student’s needs. Please email for more detail.