Do you have a problem to solve?
A project to be completed?
A gap to fill?

Consulting is offered by the hour and by the project. Your initial consultation is always free!

Are you a parent with a child learning to read? Is your child ready for more advanced reading challenges? Do you have teenagers who are having trouble engaging in school and getting the marks you know they deserve? Are you a teacher investigating new ways of teaching vocabulary or supporting comprehension? Do you work with university/college students who are trying to read and listen better?

The Vowel House offers language and literacy support that really works:

  • early reading instruction
  • vocabulary
  • reading comprehension
  • listening comprehension
  • reading textbooks
  • reading fiction
  • discourse structure
  • paying attention

Do you have a topic you’d like to teach? Do you have a pile of materials but nowhere to start? Are you creating an online course? Whether you’re targeting children, adolescents, post-secondary or graduate students, The Vowel House can help:

  • identify course objectives
  • plan and organize materials
  • create online environments
  • evaluate learning outcomes

At The Vowel House we offer research services for schools, public and private institutions using quantitative and qualitative analysis. Our research partners share a breadth of research experience in education, technology, cognitive science, linguistics, psychology, sociology and history. Use our research services to:

  • locate your problem/phenomenon
  • understand growth trajectories
  • analyze language
  • analyze behavior
  • analyze project outcomes
  • predict and model relationships

*The cost of research services are estimated according to project scope. Please email us for further details.