Free workshops are one hour long.

Early Reading – Signs of Success, Signs of Difficulty

This one-hour workshop aimed at parents and teachers of children from kindergarten to grade 2. We will present the basics of the reading process and how to identify whether children are on track, falling behind or showing signs of a learning disability.

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Making the Most of Your Syllabus

This one-hour workshop is designed for students in college or university. The syllabus is a document handed out by professors and instructors at the beginning of each semester, outlining tests, course requirements, readings and assignments. Students often use the syllabus just to identify deadlines. However, the syllabus holds rich opportunity to support reading comprehension, ways of listening in class, and ways of structuring your thinking to make the most of your lectures and readings and to succeed masterfully.

We will work on a ready-made syllabus to demonstrate principles in the workshop. Individualized work on specific syllabi is also available.

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Executive Functions, Executive Skills Training

Executive Functions are the new kid on the block in the field of learning. In recent decades researchers have learned how executive skills are involved in the ways children, teens and adults pay attention, plan, stay on task, manage their time and manage their motivation. In this workshop we present the basics of executive functions and how we can use research in this area to acknowledge the best way of understanding and exploiting our learning capabilities.

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