At The Vowel House we specialize in specialized education.

If you’ve made your way here, it’s probably because you’re trying to improve – the way you read, the way you understand, your writing, planning your time, the way you pay attention, even the way you feel when you’re sitting down to do your homework or when you’re trying something new. You may have children who have been told that they need to improve. You’ve probably been given advice, strategies, opinions and directions. You may be at the beginning of a road to somewhere or you may be lost along the way.

The Vowel House offers children, teens and adults new ways of improving reading, memory, attention, motivation and academic performance. We evaluate how you’re learning and thinking. We show you how to tweak it a bit or conduct a huge overhaul. Whether you sign up for a workshop, individual coaching sessions, or academic strategy instruction, you will find a home for learning – a home where you find surprises in yourself and excitement in your work.

At The Vowel House, one thing is certain: change is just around the corner and you’re really going to like what you find.